Scrap Metal Darwin

The scrap metal darwin gallery shown above includes recent photographs of work we’ve completed and other pieces of different types of metal we work with. The scrap metal in darwin can be handled by without an issue, please contact us via our contact page for more information. We can provide scrap copper prices, cash for scrap and all metal prices for your valuable materials you provide us.

You can see multiple types of copper, junk metal and other wiring that we work with. We have a copper scrapyard and also deal with batteries and car batteries.

Darwin is a great location to deal with scrap metal due to the size of the location, we have a great site with the correct tools to deal with handling the scrap metal provided to us. Our employees are willing to help you with any enquiries you have regarding our scrap metal pricing and recycling.

Scrap Metal Dealers

As a certified metal recycler, Darwin Recylcing can take whatever scrap you have lying around off your hands. Our prices are based on the current market value, ensuring that you get the best possible deal.

As a professional scrap metal dealer, we accept all kinds of scrap, including: aluminium, brass, bronze, cans, copper, lead, radiators and stainless steel. We can even help you to dispose of old junk cars.

We offer big bucks for your load and ensure that all metals are recycled appropriately, which puts less strain on our natural resources and reduces the amount that ends up in landfill.

Do you have an old vehicle that no longer runs, is going to cost more money to fix than it’s worth or is a complete write-off? If so, Darwin Recyling recommends selling your old car for scrap metal.